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  • 2018经典微信网名英文带翻译 唯美好听的英文名字精选

    栏目: 英文网名 日期:2018-03-13 浏览量(

    [摘要]No one can pull.无人可挽. 情话烫心 Love hot heart Drink the wind 饮过风声 Go to a stray 赴一场流浪 Drunk when song 醉酒当歌 Disappointed guest 惆怅客 The noisy heart 喧闹的心 忘年祭陌 Lunar Festival Street 予我空欢 Give me air to love 触

    No one can pull.无人可挽.

    情话烫心  Love hot heart

    Drink the wind  饮过风声

    Go to a stray  赴一场流浪

    Drunk when song  醉酒当歌

    Disappointed guest 惆怅客

    The noisy heart  喧闹的心

    忘年祭陌 Lunar Festival Street

    予我空欢  Give me air to love

    触碰不到的你  You can't touch

    时光衬人  Time contrast person

    Wake up from the people 梦醒人离

    Everything just for you  一切只为你

    long time no see 好久不见

    谁为情种 Who is the lover

    Longer than wine  比酒长情 

    2018经典微信网名英文带翻译 唯美好听的英文名字精选

    执着梦想  Persistent dream

    Dust in the wind  风中尘埃

    Not into your heart不入你心

    清孤冷话  Qing Gu cold words

    酒话醉人  Intoxicating wine

    Time to passers-by  时光路人

    And your long love  与你长情

    Quiet time  寂静流年

    情话如初  Love again

    Dream traveler 梦旅人

    Not young  不再年少

    Drink alone  独饮伤悲

    时光挽歌 Time Requiem

    回忆带刺 With memories

    缘浅° Marginal degree

    Make me like  许我长欢

    Lonely tears  寂寞眼泪

    Leave and roll  离与挽

    抵不过回忆 But memories

    予你挚终 To your final.

    清歌孤我.Oh my solitary.

    不如孤独  Not as lonely

    Send you love  寄你情伴 

    荒诞温情  Absurd warmth

    醉心微笑  With a smile

    偏爱情歌 Love love songs

    一纸离歌 A paper from the song

    孤王独饮 Lone King alone drink

    Hold you in your arms  拥你入怀

    是情终嬒伤 Is final Wai injury

    牵绊至白首。Hold to the elderly.

    不如沉默It is better to silence

    易缕阳光  Easy ray of sunshine

    Stop the drunken cup.酒醉停杯.

    凉北离歌  The cold North Song.


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